Starting a Vending Machine Business
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Starting a Vending Machine Business

You may be thinking about starting a vending machine business, but there a lot of things you probably haven't thought about. You really need to do your homework and know what you're getting into before you go out and buy a vending machine.

Before starting your own vending machine business, you really have to know what you are getting yourself in for. Once you buy a vending machine, you have to have a place to store it in case you are told it has to be moved, a way to move it around, you need a business to allow you to place it in their store, or rent it from you, and you need to keep it maintained, and full of products to sell.

There are many big companies already in the vending machine business, and it is not an easy market to get into. A vending machine business would be easiest to start if you already have your own business to put the vending machine in, or if you know someone who has already agreed to rent one off you, or will allow you to put it in their shop.

If you don't have a plan laid out for the rental or placement of your vending machine(s) in advance, you will be doing an awful lot of talking to local business owners, so you had better be a good salesman. You will have to convince a shop owner that it will be worth their while to have a vending machine in their store, and this may take a fair bit of bargaining, as you work out how much they get paid, or if they get paid at all.

Take care to investigate the different companies selling the vending machines, and make sure you know what the competition is like from those already placing vending machines in your area. For example, where I live in Australia, there is a company called RP Vending Systems that installs free vending machines right across the country.

You may be going up against a million dollar company that already has vending machines in every available shop and business. It is really important to do your research, and really know what the plan will be, before you even consider starting a vending machine business.

You also have to have a really cheap place to buy the products you will be selling in your vending machines wholesale, or you will make practically nothing.

As for vending machine companies, I can't direct you to a good one in your country, but just thoroughly research all of them, research the wholesale food and beverage companies, and make sure you have enough money that you can handle losing money while you get your business started.

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